» Comics - 20. With Fruitcake, You Can Never be Sure - Dec 24th, 2012 - 8:00 am

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All the panels: Lasse - "WHHHHHHAAAAAATTTT"

Brief summary of this entire comic: "WHHHHHHAAAAAATTTT"

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CityFairies, Dec 24th, 2012 - 12:32 am ( Reply )

Christmas Eve! Yusssss. - I finally got to introduce Lasse's mildly psychopathic wife! Her name is Cora. Annndddd she's supposed to be a major character? And I haven't had her in a strip ONCE until the 20th page?? Well, that happened...

And I'm not... really sure what's actually going on in this page... I mean.... is she actually poisoning him, or what... Yeah, I'm don't know...

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I really like this new character :D
I was wondering what Lasse's wife was like since that strip about him going out

A psychopathic wife is definitely something cool to have; it would serve well to keep a spark going so things don't get boring in a couple~

posted by faisalorb on Jan 10th, 2013 - 4:00 pm

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No no, not *poisoned*! That would kill the bacteria!

posted by Stig Hemmer on Apr 23rd, 2013 - 2:09 pm

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