I'm Jessica! I write books and draw comics. Other hobbies include playing pool and eating out too often. There are like six or seven (million) other comics I'd like to eventually make. I live in Minnesota. You can find stuff about my other projects on tumblr art blog and my deviantART. I use a Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet and GIMP.

The Comic:

Lasse Bauer created/owns/manages/serves at/cooks for the Naz Dravie, a fairly popular restaurant that only has four employees. They'll take your order, cook your order, bring you your order, then clean your plate. So in a nutshell, it's a comic about people yelling and cooking things. I alternate between posting chapters and posting comic strips. Thanks so much to all my readers!


Greg, King of Weirdos

This is Greg. He's either mildly schizophrenic or really flipping weird. Nobody's sure. Also, how old is this kid?? How did he get a job here??! And he's homeschooled. This somehow allows him to work full-time at a five-star restaurant. He's known for making this face - :I

Richard, Egomaniac

This is Richard. He's a writer but has had zero success at all. He's egotistical and complains too much for anyone to feel sorry for him. Might be a good person under the attention-grabbing self pity, but WHO KNOWS.

January, Monday-Hating Waitress

Here's January. She looks forward to the weekend all week then rediscovers that she has no hobbies. She's an un-realized extrovert. Steer clear of her on Mondays because her sarcasm will rip right through you. But only on Mondays. She's a monster. Seriously. Watch out.

Lasse, Not Close to Retirement

This is Lasse. He does not find it funny when people pronounce his name like that of a certain collie. He doesn't actually find much of anything funny. Or worthy of happiness. He's in his fifties and doesn't really like to reminded of it.

Cora, Loves Her Husband Sometimes

And this is Cora, Lasse's loving wife who only wants to kill him sometimes. She likes yelling, violence, and poison (and love, don't worry). She's a housewife but does a ton of work for the restaurant on the business side.